spectrum_utils requires Python version 3.8+ and can be installed with pip or conda.

Using pip:

pip install spectrum_utils[iplot]

Using conda:

conda install -c bioconda spectrum_utils

Supported Python versions

spectrum_utils supports Python version 3.8 and above.


spectrum_utils has the following third-party dependencies:

Missing dependencies will be automatically installed when you install spectrum_utils using pip or conda.

Additionally, we recommend manually installing pyteomics.cythonize as a plug-in replacement for faster fragment ion mass calculations.

Advanced installation instructions

spectrum_utils provides modular installation capabilities to minimize the number of third-party dependencies that will be installed when only a subset of the spectrum_utils functionality is required. The previous pip and conda commands will install all optional spectrum_utils extensions (excluding developer and documentation dependencies). Power users can customize their spectrum_utils installation by specifying one or more of the following sets of dependencies:

  • dev: Developer dependencies for automatic linting and testing.

  • docs: Dependencies to generate these documentation pages.

  • iplot: Interactive spectrum plotting using Vega-Altair.